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Mighty bag not so mighty mint tea



I revisited a favourite place of mine for lunch and re-ordered a Mighty Leaf mint tea. The lunch was great but sadly the tea was so-so.


Before I move on I need to comment on the name of this tea, “organic mint melange.” So melange means mixture in French but from what I gather this company is American and based in the US. It drives me potty to see tea companies try to add prestige or elegance by simply adding French. Don’t get me wrong I love the French and I often visit France, infact a very close friend is French, but why do companies do this. The French can be elegant and certain brands have prestige, however these are earned through years and years of handcrafting finely made goods.

If Mighty Leaf want to be posh and French why not  go the full hog? Thanks to google, because mon francais est tres mauvais, “mélange menthe organique” should be the direct French translation. Since I’m ranting, TWG attaches a French air to themselves too, but falsely they are a Singaporean company! My opinion is that brands should be true to themselves and try not to be something they are not.

Disappointingly, I think generally Asian consumers are not aware of this and go for what is printed on the surface. Maybe western consumers are more savvy or maybe note? Whatever the case, more brands are using marketing falsely and fooling people, which is not on!


Oops that was a long rant. So back to the positives. I like the tea bag of mighty Leaf. It won a best product for packaging award in 2006 for its design and its also combustible too.

Other than that the mint tea was nothing to shout home about. So you might as well save some money go to the supermarket and get a simple Twinning’s mint tea instead, for it is exactly what its says on the packet – a peppermint tea.


3 thoughts on “Mighty bag not so mighty mint tea

  1. Might using a spot of French be a arresting ploy for the less discerned?

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