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In Taipei, Out Taipei

I arrived in Taipei and without any mobile communication I managed to NOT meet my friends at the arranged meeting point. Great start! So here I was in Taiwan on my own and wandering around Taipei main station frantically looking for my friends. For those who have been to this station you appreciate its vastness…its massively massive. Obvious that!!  Since it is Taipei’s main station. Anyway after an hour search we finally met and the start of the tea sourcing began.


Straight on the MRT to the north and Tamsui to meet a friend’s sister, who so happened to sell tea in Taiwan. To the shop we ventured, however we were slightly side-tracked by some Taiwanese street snacks.

Arriving at the shop I was so excited and I didn’t know  what to expect of Taiwan’s tea shops. This one looked no different from the tea shops in China. Once inside we smelt the familiar smell of aged Puer, yum it was delicious!


We sampled numerous teas and were giving a detailed history of each tea by Mr and Mrs Tsim.  A bit strange to get Chinese Puer all the way from Taiwan! As a payment and courteous gesture for all the tea we tried I bought a few samples to try. Lovely couple were Mr and Mrs Tsim. Go and find them if you are ever in Tamsui and fancy an honest cup of tea.


Obviously our mouths were not dry, but our bellies were empty. How better to end the day with local teppanyaki from a surgeon / chef! Happy days.



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Act 1, Scene 1 and 1st page of Taiwan Tea search journey

Pinch, punch its the 1st of the month and the first step of my first ever overseas tea sourcing journey. Sadly, my voice of reason, Mrs Man, cannot come with me.

However it seems many others are on a journey themselves.


Gives me time for a quick pray. “God guide me to a safe journey where the tea is plentiful and of upmost quality.Amen”