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UK tea tastings

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Session 1. pre session

Over the past few weeks in UK. I have held several tea tastings and these were my apprehensive thoughts before….. Enjoy 🙂

“What better way to test the market by actually letting the market taste my tea. Coinciding with a visit to London I’ve asked some friends and friends of friends to come for a tea tasting session.

Session 2. tasters

(very proper tasters. Some serious gourmands here!)

Over the years in Hong Kong I have been patiently taught and have learnt heaps about tea. I have refined my taste of tea and I now know what tea I like most. However if I am going to start a company selling tea I need to know what tea the market likes and not just what I like.

session 1. teamster

(from classroom to living room. Same tired look!)

So for the past 3 weeks I have bombarded my friends particularly those who like tea to come to taste some of the tea I have sourced. I hope to show the way we appreciate tea in Asia, some of its rich history and why I am potty over it.

Session 1. tea babies

(even the babies are having fun. Tea tasting suitable for all ages. Please email for enquiries!)

I have also been scratching my head trying to find a venue for no charge to host this tasting. Luckily my good friend Oli came the rescue and offered the use of his parent’s living whilst they are away. (I hope the don’t mind!)

Session 1. tea apps

(even Oli’s parent’s wooden trolley matches my tea tray. Adds to my credentials!)

So this weekend is the first tasting session I am hosting. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Hopefully all goes well and it will justify my leap of faith to start a tea company.”

……Fast forward 2 weeks. It went swimmingly well. Thanks for all that came. Most of all thanks for the support and the encouragement I need to pull off this venture. X


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