Purveyor of Premium Chinese Tea and education provider to children in need.


“As long as you have tried your best, that is all that matters to us.”  This is what my Dad said to me when I was 8 years old.

A simple request but one that I have battled with all my life. As a child I tried to do my best, whether it be playing sport or studying for an exam. As an employee in the film industry I tried my best to fulfil my responsibilities and meet deadlines. However it was as a teacher that I felt I was really trying my best to educate my students and change lives. I won some accolades to confirm this belief, but deep down I began to question myself on what my dad really meant by trying my best.

I began thinking that trying my best also means giving my absolute all. As time passed, with the support of my dear wife, a fire started in me to give my all in life, to do something that really mattered.

So here I am today! I am blending my passions for tea and education by starting a tea company. The idea is to sell quality tea from the East to the West, then use some of the profits to help provide education to children in local communities.

I may fail or I may succeed but what is guaranteed is that I will surely give it all that I’ve got.


6 thoughts on “Story

  1. Thanks for stopping by my little nook of the internet!
    I’m really interested to see where your adventures and lessons from tea will take you.
    Tea has always held a lot of inspiration for me; allowing contemplation, relaxation and presence.
    It’s basically spastic coffee’s spiritual sister. 😀

  2. Thanks for following my blog – – I appreciate it and hope you enjoy it. Good luck with your tea company. All the best, Ian

  3. What a pleasure to meet someone who is interested in tea and education as i am !! I am more in to pottery and tea as well .. Used to run an NGO building for orphanages. Perhaps we can work together to bring more good to the children along the tea route !! Email me if u are interested ! (sudechabei means su’s tea cup or su’s cup of tea i u have got your putonghua up to scratch !) hope to hear from you soon.

    Su Mei

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