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My broken “fairness cup”…not fair :(

As Mrs Man will confirm I am not particularly diligent when doing the dishes. However I am particular about cleaning my tea wares. Unfortunately I wasn’t too diligent recently and my fairness cup slipped from my cradle and smashed into the sink.

They say there’s no point in crying over spilt milk but I was close to crying over my smashed cup ūüė¶

The reason I’m upset is because it’s¬†the first fairness cup I ever bought and still I have not replaced it. So my subsequent cups of tea haven’t been too fair and the whole tea procession is missing an element.

As in the name, the fairness cup is about equality. Once tea has been steeped in the pot or Gaiwan it is then poured (usually throw a small filter) into a fairness cup. It ensures that the concentration of the tea is mixed and served equally. If you leave water in the pot the tea will continue steeping and become too bitter, so the fairness cup also allows the tea to cool and decant away from the tea leaves.

my fairness pict

I love the science element of using boiling water with different tea apparatus to bring tea leaves alive. It brings me back to my primary school days where we used to do science experiments.

I’m planning to go to Shenzhen to replace my fairness cup and to be fair I hope I find a good one!

To be continued….

Mr. Man